How to Minimize Your Self-Storage Costs

Posted on: 17 February 2017
Do you want to store lots of things but don't want a huge storage bill? Fear not; there are tips you can use to minimize your storage costs. Here are a few of those tips: Get Out of Town Location plays a factor in storage pricing just as it does with other forms of real estate. Facilities located in urban centers tend to cost more than those situated on the outskirts or suburbs.
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Putting Your Refrigerator In Storage? Follow These Tips To Ensure It Survives

Posted on: 18 July 2016
Refrigerators are not cheap! If you're paying to keep yours in a storage unit, whether for a few weeks or a few years, it's important to make sure it's going to still work when the storage period is over. Success lies in the preparation. Before you put the fridge in a storage facility, make sure you follow these steps. Wipe the entire fridge out with bleach water. Even the smallest amount of bacteria or fungi can replicate while a fridge is in storage, leading to a stench that will render the refrigerator unusable.
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Four Quick Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit More Effectively

Posted on: 26 May 2016
When you're in the midst of a busy move, it's tempting to just haphazardly dump everything in the storage facility and worry about it later. But you're going to be busy when the time comes to take things out of the unit, too – and you're not going to be happy if your things are in messy piles and are half broken. To make unpacking the unit less of a nightmare, follow these quick tips for packing your storage unit more effectively.
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Long Distance Relocation: How A Moving & Storage Company Can Be Helpful

Posted on: 19 September 2015
Packing up and moving to a new city can be a long task if it is not planned out right. If you don't have a residence in the new city yet, it is wise to hire movers and get their assistance with finding a good storage facility. Find out below how movers can get your belongings packed up and placed inside of a storage unit as well as the estimated amount of fees that you will pay.
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